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Your Cannabis Business Might Not Survive Without P&C Insurance

Anytime an individual purchases a new piece of property, one of the first orders of business is getting that property insured. For some types of property, insurance is required. For others, it is optional, but no less important. If you own a dispensary or a grow operation, it is absolutely imperative that you protect your property against the various perils that pose a threat to your operation. Property and Casualty (P&C) Insurance protects against common perils such as fire, lightning, explosion, implosion, aircraft damage, riots, strikes and terrorism. Your policy will not only cover the physical structure of your place of business, but also the contents inside, including office equipment, computers, inventory, and other items vital to your operation.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – Another fire at a marijuana dispensary is under investigation. It is the second fire at a marijuana dispensary in the last few days. The latest happened early Monday morning at the Golden State Hempire Collective in east Bakersfield. Fire officials haven’t determined the cause but the owners believe the business was set on fire. Employees said someone set the back of the building on fire.

About two and a half miles away, a similar scene Friday morning. The Green Frog Health Center was set on fire by a stolen car that crashed into the building, burning four businesses and causing $250,000 of damage. Fire officials determined it was was arson. Back at Golden State Hempire, the owners work on plans to rebuild. Damage there is pegged at $60,000.

In both cases above, the damage was caused by suspected arson and resulted in $300,000 of losses in the blink of an eye. Without P&C Insurance, you bear the total loss. So, while no one can predict a tragedy like arson from occurring, you can plan ahead to ensure you are protected.


As a business owner, if you are going to invest your time and money into an endeavor such as a cannabis dispensary, it only makes sense to protect that investment against the unforeseen. S2S Insurance Specialists insures the most difficult risks facing your company. We can customize a P&C Insurance policy to meet your budget and needs. Click here schedule a free 15-minute consultation or call us at (954) 790-6604.


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