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The New Licensee Insurance Checklist – Part 1, Featured by NCIA

David Rahn, VP of Account Services for S2S Insurance Specialists and member of NCIA's Risk Management and Insurance Committee, published an exclusive blog for NCIA entitled: "The New Licensee Insurance Checklist – Part 1.

Insurance is the cornerstone for any risk management plan if you want your business to recover after a financial or physical loss. There are many types of insurance products to consider. In this blog, David discusses the following important questions to ask your Insurance Broker when seeking insurance for your business:

  • What types of insurance do I need?

  • When should I be getting insurance for my business?

  • What kind of claims are common in the cannabis industry?

  • What information does my insurance broker need to help me get an insurance quote?

Click here to read David's article.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation with David to discuss your needs, click here.


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