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Cyber Defense & Data Breach

Cyber attacks are one of the greatest risk facing cannabis companies today. Protect yourself from expensive legal bills, fines and revenue loss.

Given the vast amount of information that cannabis retailers and distributors are required by law to collect from customers, coupled with the fact that this is a rapidly growing industry with evolving regulations, the unfortunate reality is that cannabis businesses are prime targets for cybercrime. Even smaller companies are at risk of data breaches because they are part of a larger interconnected network of seed to sale vendors.

Why Does My Business Need Cyber Insurance?


Many dispensaries collect patient/client personal information and a breach of even a single computer could provide hackers with valuable information on all their partnering dispensaries, product deliveries and clients’ private information. If your company stores private information on a computer or server, you are legally liable for protection of this personal information. Really, any business that has an online presence or stores customer data electronically needs Cyber Defense and Data Breach Insurance to protect yourself from legal liability and hefty fines.


The impact of a data breach reverberates and can have a costly impact on your operations. To learn more about how S2S Insurance Specialists can protect you and your business, schedule a 15-minute consultation. 

No matter where your business falls in the Supply Cycle, S2S Insurance Specialists has the coverage that you need to protect your business.

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