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Eric Rahn Appointed Chairperson of NCIA's Risk Management & Insurance Committee

BOCA RATON, FL.; JANUARY 12, 2023 – S2S Insurance Specialists today announced that the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) appointed Eric Rahn as Chairperson of its Risk Management and Insurance Committee (RMIC).

As a member of RMIC since 2016, Eric leads a multidisciplinary group of risk management professionals that serve to “promote the interests of the cannabis industry’s risk management and insurance sectors, developing strategies for their responsible advancement.”

Commenting on his appointment, Eric said: “The RMIC provides access to a diverse professional group of insurance specialists with tremendous first-hand knowledge of the cannabis industry. Our goal is to be the go-to resource for not only businesses seeking coverage but for insurance carriers interested in entering or expanding their offerings.”

Eric added, “Hopefully this year, we’ll see key federal legislation passed that will open the door for many national admitted carriers to write policies at more affordable prices to the cannabis industry. We encourage cannabis operators and insurance carriers to reach out to the RMIC and discuss ways we can collaborate to better serve and protect this growing and maturing industry.”


About Eric Rahn

Eric is a highly specialized insurance broker and risk management professional with over 30 years of experience providing businesses operating in highly-regulated industries strategies and solutions that protect and safeguard their businesses. In 2017, he formed S2S Insurance Specialists to focus specifically on the difficult-to-insure businesses operating in the medical and recreational Cannabis/THC, CBD and Hemp industry.

Eric has deep knowledge of the cannabis industry and is a national speaker on wide variety of evolving cannabis insurance topics. He is also co-author of NCIA's Introduction into Cannabis Insurance Manual, an important resource for cannabis industry operators, that explores the various insurable risks attributed to the cannabis supply chain and offers a broad introduction to risk management and insurance coverage options available.

If you have questions regarding cannabis insurance coverages or would like a detailed risk assessment and analysis, please contact Eric Rahn for a consultation at (954) 790-6604 or email

S2S Insurance Specialists, a division of Rahn & Associates, is an international insurance intermediary and brokerage firm focused specifically on the difficult-to-insure businesses operating in the medical and recreational CBD/Hemp, Cannabis/THC and Psychedelic Medicinal industries. For more information, visit

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