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We offer custom insurance policies exclusively for cannabis/CBD/hemp businesses

Choosing the right insurance policies is the difference between continued survival or a business ending event like theft, fire, data breach, product defect, lawsuit or an employee accident. Insurance transfers the risk of loss, thus avoiding a devastating effect on your cannabis or psychedelic medicinal business. No matter where you fall in the supply chain, you face unique risks that require specialized insurance policies.


At S2S Insurance Specialists, we are here to make your life easier and guide you through the intricacies of properly insuring your business. We service the cannabis industry; we are licensed in all recreational and medical states. Please contact us so we may examine your current policies, help you understand what is and is not covered, and adjust your policy, as needed. 

Why S2S Insurance Specialists?

The cannabis and burgeoning new psychedelic industries are complex, risky and governed by Federal, State and City regulations that vary from state-to-state. Protecting your business requires specific knowledge about the industry and expertise, something only a specialized insurance broker like S2S Insurance Specialists can provide.


We specialize in international and cross border (USA/Canada) cannabis and psychedelic companies. With over 30 years of insurance experience and deep knowledge of the cannabis psychedelic medicinal industries, backed by the support of our underwriters both domestic and foreign, S2S Insurance Specialists can provide you with a custom insurance package and risk management program that is both cost effective and tailored to your specific needs.


Gain peace of mind knowing you have the right amount of insurance to protect your investment, operations and reputation from seed to sale.

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