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R&A PSYINS Announces Strategic Partnership with Nucleus to Provide Psychedelic Industry Insurance

Rahn & Associates' psychedelic industry insurance division, R&A PSYINS, announced a strategic partnership with Nucleus Holding, Inc. “(Nucleus”), a venture studio which owns and operates a portfolio of companies that connects stakeholders within the psychedelics industry.

This new partnership will benefit all stakeholders in Nucleus’ robust ecosystem by providing them access to critical insurance coverages that will ensure they are fully protected and in compliance with state and federal HIPPA regulations.

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R&A PSYINS is a division of Rahn & Associates, an independent insurance broker that provides specialty lines of insurance coverages for highly regulated and complex industries, such as psychedelic medicine. Our extensive network and long-standing relationships with industry-leading insurance companies enables us to provide licensed therapists and clinicians, Ketamine clinics, drug and product developers, mushroom cultivators, early and late-stage research and development, wellness retreats, as well as private equity and investors in the psychedelic sector, with Business Liability insurance coverages. For more information, visit

R&A PSYINS Announces Strategic Partnership with Nucleus Holding, Inc
. Launches Risk Manage


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