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Cannabis Workers' Comp. Insurance: Why You Need It

Cannabis business owners may debate the need for Workers' Compensation Insurance, but in reality, there should be no debate. This type of coverage is an asset, not another expense. While in some states, smaller employers (generally those with 1-3 employees) may opt out of the mandatory coverage, many savvy companies elect to have this important coverage to protect themselves from being sued by an employee who was injured on the job.

Without worker’s compensation for cannabis employees, employers can be exposed to a number of risks. In some states, a business may receive a fine for each day worker’s compensation coverage is not maintained. Furthermore, certain states prevent businesses from operating until the owner provides proof of coverage.

Even if your cannabis business is small with a few employees, all it takes is one law suit for damages to derail the entire operation. Employers without proper coverage not only risk damaging financial losses for their business, but in some instances personal financial losses as well. Owners may be held personally liable for paying employees medical expenses and lost wages.


Workers' Compensation policies designed specifically for cannabis businesses should be considered a necessary investment for employees is only one of a number of tools employers can use to protect their business. S2S Insurance Specialists provides Workers' Compensation Insurance in all states where marijuana is medically and/or recreationally legal. To learn more about how we can protect you your business, click here schedule a free 15-minute consultation or call us at (954) 790-6604.


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