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Cannabis Crop Insurance Proving Critical in Protecting Farmers

The cannabis industry is centered around agriculture and the ability to grow and cultivate marijuana plants. Imagine investing a portion or all of your life savings into starting a grow operation only to lose it all to a fire. There are many in the industry who have experienced such loss, but there are also others who were able to protect themselves and their investment with Cannabis Crop Insurance.

One Carpinteria farmer won an insurance payout well in excess of $1 million after ashes from the Thomas Fire destroyed thousands of his plants. What was unusual was that the plants were marijuana. As cannabis cultivators come out of the shadows, pot businesses are starting to operate like any other businesses — they have lawyers, accountants, bankers, and, more recently, insurance brokers. Most of the Northern California cannabis farms scorched by last fall’s wildfires did not have insurance. They were forced to suffer huge losses.

Growing marijuana, regardless of whether a grow operations is outdoors or indoors, is no different than any other crop in the sense that the variables of nature such as fire, storms, earthquakes, or other natural disasters must still be accounted for.

Crop Insurance is specifically designed to cover your needs as a legal marijuana supplier. Crop insurance does exist for typical crops, but the unique nature of cannabis and the its Schedule 1 status as an illegal drug, requires a specific policy to ensure coverage when you need it most.


While a marijuana grower with Crop Insurance may still experience some losses, because of their policy, the amount of that loss is significantly reduced. Some assets that can be covered include, living plant material, harvested plant material, and finished stock (processed plant ready for sale). Cannabis crop insurance not only protects you against natural disasters, but also theft, explosions, vandalism, water damage, smoke and more. S2S Insurance Specialists is able to provide Crop Insurance to marijuana growers with coverage options designed to fit what you need as a cannabis business owner. To learn more, contact Eric Rahn at or click here to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.


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