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Best Places To Grow Cannabis In The US

Many people are looking for ways to get into the growing cannabis industry. The potential is vast from cannabis dispensaries, cannabis lab testing facilities, edibles, infused drinks, oils and more. The one area people can also look at in this growing industry is actually growing cannabis. The obvious key to the industry is the actual plant, and the only way to have more cannabis is to grow cannabis. That being said, not all soil and growing conditions are created the same, so where are some of the best places to grow cannabis in the United States?

Leafly put together a list of the top five regions in the united states to grow cannabis and S2S Insurance Specialists thought we’d share it along with a few thoughts on how to protect your crop once you figure out if you are in a good place to grow cannabis and enter the world of marijuana.

Grow cannabis, S2S Insurance, Eric Rahn, marijuana insurance specialists, who insures marijuanaCalifornia’s lush, rugged northwest territory—dubbed the Emerald Triangle—is akin to the New York Yankees and their history-leading 27 championships. The region’s balmy Mediterranean climate and vast swaths of sloping mountainsides have made it a premiere growing location, akin to France’s Burgundy and its contribution to making wine.

Ranking second in indoor cannabis production behind California, Washington the Northwest territory proves to be a formidable rival to Oregon despite its more precipitous location on the west side of the Cascade Mountains. Areas nearby Seattle are dampened by heavy rain and lack of sunlight, leaving most growers to cultivate more sativas and early-flowering hybrids. However, towns east of the Cascade range get much better sunlight, while all parts of Washington benefit from the rich soil and abundance of fresh water.

Ranking 4th in indoor production, Oregon is a fantastic state for cultivation due to its relaxed personal cultivation laws and ease of entering the commercial industry. Naturally, the state grew way more cannabis than it even needs. Price declines have spelled trouble for many farmers, but consumers have rejoiced in $50 legal ounces, more than 80% cheaper than Califor

nia bud in 2018.

The East Coast may be notorious for low quality buds, but the Northeast can actually provide decent conditions for outdoor growing, namely Maine. Humid summers combined with a shorter fall season might not be ideal, but early-harvesting strains such as indicas or hybrids can benefit from the nurturing soil and the extremely fresh water.

Grow cannabis, Eric Rahn, S2S Insurance, marijuana crop insurance, dispensary insuranceGrowing cannabis is like any other form of agriculture and requires knowledge, skill, patience and a bit of luck. The luck comes into play when weather and other variables out of your control enter the picture. S2S Insurance Specialists can help take luck out of the equation by providing a risk management solution tailored to your needs. Some of the regions mentioned above are threatened by hurricanes, fires, and other real threats to agriculture and especially cannabis. Crop insurance, property casualty insurance and cargo transportation insurance are all options to help you with your grow operation. Contact Eric Rahn of S2S Insurance Specialists to discuss your risk management plan and to help protect your investments of time, money and energy.

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