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How the COVID-19 Pandemic May Impact Your Cannabis Business & Ways to Minimize Risk

Cannabis companies may have gotten a boost when numerous states declared it an essential business that could remain open during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, businesses operating in the medical and recreational marijuana industry face numerous risks during these unprecedented times. Please take a moment to learn about some of the more common risks currently […]

Cannabis Insurance and Understanding Tax Code 280E

Since there are so many risks associated with owning a cannabis company that handles the actual marijuana plant, it is essential that a cannabis entrepreneur understand all of their alternatives for protecting their assets. Cannabis insurance is an obvious necessity but also understanding Tax Code 280E completely is very important. Tax Code 280E keeps a […]

Marijuana Law Professional Discusses the Growing Need For Cannabis Coverage

The demand for cannabis insurance specialists is increasing as general awareness spreads about medical marijuana and the legalization wave continues across the country. One marijuana law professional, Ian Stewart from Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP, has been speaking at conferences frequently discussing the growing need for cannabis coverage. Stewart has talked about the […]

International Forces Pressuring United States to Reschedule Marijuana

After Canada legalized marijuana in 2018 and Canadian cannabis companies completed exporting contracts for medical marijuana with European countries and other nations around the world, they immediately began violating international drug treaties. Either marijuana needs to be rescheduled by the U.N. so that those violations stop or they need to take some sort of action. […]

Understanding Why Cannabis Insurance Is Hard To Come By

Finding dispensary insurance, cannabis product liability coverage, marijuana crop insurance and other forms of coverage for cannabis is challenging due to the Schedule I status of marijuana on the federal level. Finding cannabis insurance specialists is also challenging because the industry is so new and insurance professionals are all still learning. That does not mean […]

California Marijuana Insurance Big Topic at Wholesaler Association Conference

If California marijuana insurance is a major topic at a wholesaler conference then you know that it is important. California saw over $9 billion in general insured losses last year over the two November wildfires alone. Also, a massive court decision known to as the Dynamex decision is shaking the industry. The California Wholesaler Association […]

How To Navigate Legal Cannabis For Employees | S2S Insurance Specialists

Canada has legal cannabis and other countries will likely follow suit soon. Advocates for legal cannabis site the potential health benefits and a positive impact for many involved in the criminal justice system due to cannabis. While for those in Canada legalization represents a certain level of freedom, there are still restrictions and regulations that […]

The SEC May Find Your Marijuana Company Negligent in Cyber Fraud Cases

The enthusiasm towards the marijuana industry is palpable. The cannabis space is growing at a remarkable pace and both voters and legislators are going through the slow process of adapting laws to make room for the industry in the mainstream. However, it is easy for a marijuana company to get lost in the enthusiasm and […]