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Cannabis Industry Starter Guide

    You know you need insurance for your cannabis business, but where you do begin? What are the must-have policies? How much insurance do you need? Which types of insurances are required by law?   If you are asking these questions, you are not alone. Cannabis businesses across the marijuana, hemp and CBD supply […]

5 Reasons Your Cannabis Business Needs a Qualified Insurance Broker

Acquiring business insurance coverage is one of the most important purchases you will make for your Cannabis business, and shopping for this valuable protection can be a daunting process that involves researching, evaluating and comparing dozens of different coverages to ensure you and your business are adequately protected. Many insurance companies advertise cutting out the […]

Elevate Your Grind Podcast: Eric and David Rahn, S2S Insurance Specialists

A graduate of Babson College School of Entrepreneurial Studies. Eric Rahn is an insurance broker specializing in hard to place coverages for domestic and multi-national companies. Eric has held many executive positions in regulated industries including the maritime and casino industries prior to becoming an insurance broker. He transitioned is knowledge of corporate business practices […]

Trending Topic: Another Day, Another Lawsuit Against Cannabis Companies Here’s Why D&O Coverage Needs to Be Your Top Priority for 2021

Cannabis and hemp businesses – large and small – are increasingly becoming prime targets for litigation. There have been a slew of lawsuits filed recently by shareholders of cannabis companies, including Aurora Cannabis Inc., Medmen Enterprises, Canopy Growth, CannTrust Holdings, Aphria Inc. and Columbia Care, to name just a few. The only way to protect […]

The Cannabis Industry’s Growing Threat: Hackers and Cyber Fraud Is Your Cannabis Company Prepared & Protected?

Experian’s “Data Breach Industry Forecast” for 2020 predicted that emerging industries, namely cannabis, would increasingly become prime targets for cyberattacks and, so far, their predictions ring true. This year, our industry was the subject of several high-profile incidents, including the US Securities and Exchange Commission charging two men who allegedly used a fake cannabis company as a […]

Is Your Hemp Business Properly Covered?

Many Hemp businesses are finding out the hard way that they don’t have the right coverage. Below summarizes the policies you need, depending on where you operate in the Hemp Supply Chain.   Contrary to popular belief, the 2018 Farm Bill did not free hemp businesses from volatility and risk. Given the complex state-federal regulatory regime for […]

Product Liability Risks in the CBD Supply Chain You Need to Know About — Is Your Business Covered?

CBD has grown into a colossal $311.8 million industry that has attracted many entrepreneurs, from farmers and producers, processors and packagers, suppliers and distributers to wholesalers and retailers; and the supply-chain is growing as fast as the industry itself. Most consumers are unaware of the sheer complexity that goes into putting CBD products, spanning everything from […]

The Growing Concern of Theft in the Cannabis Industry Is Your Business Covered?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is forcing businesses in the cannabis industry, like many other industries, to examine and adapt their business models to – dare we say it – the new norm.  While many cannabis businesses have thrived despite the numerous risks inherent in the industry, including a lack of traditional capital sources, uneven regulation […]

How the COVID-19 Pandemic May Impact Your Cannabis Business & Ways to Minimize Risk

Cannabis companies may have gotten a boost when numerous states declared it an essential business that could remain open during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, businesses operating in the medical and recreational marijuana industry face numerous risks during these unprecedented times. Please take a moment to learn about some of the more common risks currently […]

Cannabis Insurance and Understanding Tax Code 280E

Since there are so many risks associated with owning a cannabis company that handles the actual marijuana plant, it is essential that a cannabis entrepreneur understand all of their alternatives for protecting their assets. Cannabis insurance is an obvious necessity but also understanding Tax Code 280E completely is very important. Tax Code 280E keeps a […]